First Things To Do After Buying A Home

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One of the first things to do when you buy a house is to change the locks and. After all, the last thing a buyer wants to deal with is a broken.

After buying a house, there are a ton of things to do like changing the locks, After closing, the first thing I did was contact my lender to better.

So before you start moving your belongings into your humble new abode, here are 8 things you should do after buying a home. Get Familiar With Utility Equipment Even though you may have been present during your home inspection not everything you need to be familiar with was explained to you.

Assume that everyone has a set of keys to your new home. The seller’s real estate agent likely gave copies to their assistant, a painter, a stager or even another agent at some point during the listing period. That’s why the first person you should call after getting the keys is a locksmith. 4. Hire a cleaning crew

First 7 Things To Do After Buying A Used Car Do this before you move your furniture in, and your new home life will be off to a fresh start. You can pay a professional carpet cleaning service – you’ll pay about $50 per room; most services require a minimum of about $100 before they’ll come out – or you can rent a steam cleaner for about $30 per day and do the work yourself.

Here are some of the first things you need to do after buying a house. RATE SEARCH: Check Refinance Rates. Tell Everyone About Your New Address. Of course people let to tell everyone when they just bought a home especially first time home buyers. But make sure you also give your new address to friends and family.

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New Home Checklist: 11 Things You Should Do After Closing You’ve closed on your new home and scheduled the moving company. But before you spend the first night, you have some preparing, updating and socializing to do.

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